Which InFUZED Technology Shaft is Right for You?

Which InFUZED Technology Shaft is Right for You?

By now, you may have heard about our all-new InFUZED Technology. If not, check out our article explaining InFUZED Technology. But you may still be wondering: Which InFUZED shaft is right for you?

Choosing a shaft can be a pivotal choice, shaping your style and performance on the table. The all-new Lucasi Pro 10 Splice Carbon InFUZED Shaft and FUZE Carbon InFUZED Kielwood Solid Shaft both feature our all-new InFUZED Technology, known for its low deflection, maximum feedback, and precise cue ball control. However, understanding the nuances of each shaft is crucial to finding the perfect match for your playing needs, preferences, and style.

The Lucasi Pro 10 Splice Carbon InFUZED Shaft

The Lucasi Pro 10 Splice Carbon InFUZED Shaft, favored by professional player Oscar Dominguez, is crafted from high-quality maple, using a 10-piece spliced construction technology. This construction method ensures a more consistent performance when compared to standard maple shafts. The inherent stiffness of maple aids in cue ball control and reduces cue deflection, commonly known as "squirt." By splicing 10 pieces of maple, this shaft maximizes properties such as stiffness, consistency, and playability.
Construction: Crafted from high-quality maple using a 10-piece spliced construction for enhanced consistency compared to standard maple shafts.
Feel: Offers the classic feel of a traditional maple shaft with increased stiffness for improved cue ball control and reduced deflection.
Sizes: Available in 12.9mm, 12.5mm, and 12mm.

  • 12.9mm: Most powerful option, ideal for bar tables and rotation games where stun shots are common.
  • 12.5mm: Most versatile and popular size, perfect for both 1-pocket and rotation games due to its balance of power and control.
  • 12mm: Lowest deflection for ultimate accuracy, provides surprising power for a smaller shaft.

The FUZE Carbon Fiber InFUZED Kielwood Solid Shaft

On the other hand, the FUZE Carbon InFUZED Kielwood Solid Shaft, trusted by professional player Savannah Easton, is constructed from torrified maple Kielwood. Torrefied maple undergoes a specialized process that removes moisture and volatile compounds, resulting in a more stable and durable material. This enhanced stability ensures that the shaft maintains its straightness over time, even in varying temperature and humidity conditions. Torrefied maple Kielwood's uniform density and stiffness provide more predictable and reliable cue ball control.
Construction: Made from torrified maple Kielwood, a special treatment that enhances stability and durability, ensuring the shaft stays straight even in fluctuating temperatures and humidity.
Feel: Provides a stronger and more stable feel compared to traditional maple, with a focus on predictable cue ball control.
Sizes: Available in 12.9mm, 12.5mm, and 12mm.

  • 12.9mm: Offers power comparable to carbon fiber shafts while maintaining wood feedback and sound. Great for players transitioning from carbon fiber.
  • 12.5mm: Savannah Easton's preferred choice, this versatile size balances low deflection with enough power for all-around play.
  • 12mm: Lowest deflection within the Kielwood line, perfect for control-oriented players who still require power for slower tables.

 Choosing Your Shaft

In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, and the best choice will depend on your individual preferences and priorities as a player. Consider your preferences carefully: Do you prefer the classic feel of an intricately spliced 10-piece maple shaft or the strength and stability of torrefied maple Kielwood? No matter your preference, both shafts deliver excellent quality and performance. Remember, with InFUZED Technology at the core of both options, you can't go wrong—it ultimately comes down to what feels right for you on the table.

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