What is Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology?

What is Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology?

Introducing our revolutionary Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology performance shafts, the pinnacle of cue sports innovation. Integrated into our all-new Lucasi Pro 10 Splice Carbon InFUZED Shaft and FUZE Carbon InFUZED Kielwood Solid Shaft, this technology offers players unparalleled control and consistency on the table and represent a new standard in performance and precision.

Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology stands as a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of cue shaft design. By harnessing the strengths of carbon fiber and wood, these all-new shafts deliver exceptional performance, precision, and control.

The Advantages of InFUZED Technology

Low Deflection and Maximum Feedback: Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology combines carbon fiber and wood to minimize deflection and provide players with maximum feedback, allowing for precise cue ball control and consistent shot-making.

Ultimate Cue Ball Control: This technology delivers unparalleled cue ball control, enabling players to consistently execute shots with precision and finesse. Whether it's soft touches or powerful strokes, Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology ensures optimal performance in every game.

Trusted by Champions: Endorsed by professional players Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton, Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology has been rigorously tested and proven on the competitive circuit, earning the trust of some of the game's best.

Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a casual enthusiast, Carbon Fiber InFUZED Technology ensures that every shot is executed with confidence and accuracy. Ready to find out which shaft best fits you? Check out our Which InFUZED Technology Shaft is Right for You next. 

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