Fusing Tradition with Innovation with the Pure X Kielwood FUZE Shaft

Fusing Tradition with Innovation with the Pure X Kielwood FUZE Shaft

Trusted by esteemed players like 3-time Mosconi Cup USA Team Member and Lucasi Pro, Oscar Dominguez, the Pure X Kielwood FUZE Shaft stands as a testament to the quality and innovation synonymous with Pure X.

Kielwood is a new type of shaft that combines the exceptional qualities of wood cues with the performance of carbon fiber technology. Kielwood shafts provide a solid deep hit, little vibration, and unparalleled consistency. Kielwood is a type of maple hardwood that goes through a kiln-heating process where the wood is baked at an extremely high temperature. This process may be new to the billiard industry but it’s been used for many years in high-quality guitars (known as torrification) to produce great sounding acoustics and durable, long-lasting instruments.

Kielwood is truly the ‘best of both worlds’ by combining the deep, strong feeling of wood with the playability and consistency of carbon fiber shaft technology. With Kielwood FUZE shafts, every shot is infused with precision, power, and control, allowing players to take their game to the next level.

The Pure X PSKW Kielwood FUZE Shaft is available with either an 11.75mm or 12.5mm Kamui black soft tip and various joint options. Each shaft includes a premium joint protector for lasting durability during storage and transport.

Whether competing in high-stakes tournaments or running the tables at your local pool hall, players can trust the Pure X Kielwood FUZE Shaft to deliver consistency, precision, and control. Shop now and experience the difference trusted by champions like Oscar Dominguez.
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