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Super Aramith Tournament Black Ball Set


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Super Aramith Tournament Black Ball Set

While the regular color scheme of pool ball sets should provide the best contrast between balls, it was not the case in the reality of TV and video transmission, as dark blue, dark purple and maroon could be difficult to distinguish, especially with poor lighting conditions.   To improve this Aramith created the Super Aramith Pro TV set, featuring pink and light brown colors instead of dark purple and maroon. It improved drastically the contrast, and the Super Aramith Pro TV and then the Aramith Tournament TV sets have been - and still are -  used successfully in all major tournaments worldwide. Still, the regular Super Aramith Pro and Aramith Tournament sets feature the traditional colors. To improve further the contrast between balls, especially on small screen devices, Aramith developed the new Aramith Tournament BLACK set featuring a lighter blue, a light purple 5-ball and a black design on the striped balls, giving an innovative and groundbreaking look (patent pending). The two half-circle logo featured on each ball is a registered trademark