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Simonis X-1 Felt Cleaner

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Simonis X-1 Felt Cleaner

This innovative pool table cleaner is the hottest product on the market to clean worsted pool table cloth. This high-tech cleaning product eliminates problems caused by improper brushing, vacuuming and foam cleaners. The X-1 works by utilizing static electricity to attract dirt and chalk, eliminating the exaggerated pressure needed when using a regular brush. The X-1 is so absorbent, it can retain the dust of half a chalk before needing to be cleaned! Recommended for all Simonis worsted cloth styles, as well as other worsted brands, including: Velocity Pro, Hainsworth Elite Pro, Aramith Tournament, Championship Tour Edition, Granite and Sterling. Note: This product is not recommended for use on Brunswick Centennial or other Teflon treated or napped cloth.