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Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint 10-Splice 12.75mm 5/16 x 18 Shaft


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Lucasi Hybrid Zero Flexpoint 10-Splice 12.75mm 5/16 x 18 Shaft

Get A Competitive Edge With Lucasi Hybrid Technology We know how important your game is to you, and that’s why Lucasi has engineered our Hybrid cue line with superior performance in mind. We’ve taken the best that a Lucasi Cue has to offer - and added a supercharged shaft and host of other performance-enhancing features so you can have your best game ever. These cutting-edge technologies bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit with less vibration, reduced cue ball deflection, a smoother stroke and an increased level of comfort - all in one package. Lucasi Hybrid Technology Features Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC)™ - Ten-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring shot energy into unmatched power and ultimate control - no matter where you hit the ball. Go Zero For Dead-On Accuracy - The 12.75mm Zero Flexpoint® Hybrid shaft was engineered with performance-obsessed players in mind. This slim shaft features dramatically reduced mass over a standard cue shaft with none of the ticking sound or hollow feedback that plague other technology brands. With a Zero Flexpoint® Hybrid, you get solid performance and positive feedback - plus a better game! Go Slim For An Even Greater Performance Edge - Lucasi’s engineers couldn’t stop at just one shaft - the 11.75mm Zero Flex Slim® shaft takes the technological innovation from the 12.75mm version, and slims it down to an even thinner taper with an even lighter front end. This translates into a true-to-aim shaft; just line your shot up and fire - the cue does the rest. All you have to concentrate on is winning. Kamui™ Pro Tip - Both Hybrid shafts feature the Kamui™ Pro soft tip. This tip is made from 10 layers of the highest quality pigskin that has been cut to a uniform thickness and checked for hardness, then laminated together using a special vacuum-sealing process to create a tip with uniform response. You get increased feel and feedback with every stroke, dramatically reduced deflection, maximum ball control and unequaled consistency - no matter where on the tip you hit. Lucasi Hybrid cue shafts aren’t just technology powerhouses - they’re built to last! That's why all Lucasi cues come with the Lucasi Lifetime Guarantee!