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Cue Candy Felt Saver


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Cue Candy Felt Saver

Felt Saver by Cue Candy is the most versatile cleaning tool in your arsenal — use it anywhere: in the game room, at home, on the go, in the car… the uses are endless.   This reusable sticky roller features adhesive material tough enough to pull stubborn pet hair and chalk dust off of your pool table’s delicate felt — without damaging it or wearing out! You can do away with brushes that push dirt and debris around your table, kick dust and hairs all over the place, and take forever to use - the Felt Saver quickly and completely cleans and freshens the surface of your cloth, increasing its lifespan and saving you money. Plus, this handy tool is reusable — just swipe, rinse and dry and you’re ready to go for next time.   Cleaning instructions: Run roller under lukewarm water for a few seconds, rubbing any stubborn residue off with your fingers. Pat dry and use again! _x0003_Caution: do not use soap or alcohol on roller, as this will break down the product’s stickiness.