Powerhouse Duo: Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton

Powerhouse Duo: Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton

In the world of billiards, precision and strategy reign supreme, and few embody these qualities quite like Oscar Dominguez and Savannah Easton. 

Savannah's signature setup features the Pure X Kielwood Carbon InFUZED Solid Shaft, paired with the Lucasi LZC31 cue butt. For those critical jump shots, she reaches for the Lucasi Air Hog Jump Cue.

Oscar's collection features the Lucasi Pro Carbon InFUZED 10S Shaft, Lucasi LZSP2 Custom Sneaky Pete and the Lucasi LUX63. When precision is paramount, the Air Hog LHAH2 Jump Cue delivers reliable performance in navigating tricky obstacles.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed Oscar and Savannah using the innovative InFUZED shafts recently, a testament to their loyal fanbases. Set to be available for order soon, these shafts feature cutting-edge technology, including low deflection, maximum feedback, and ultimate ball control.

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