How to Pick Out & Hang Billiard Lighting

How to Pick Out & Hang Billiard Lighting

A billiard light is one of the most important accessory you can buy for your game room (right behind a table and somewhere to stash your cues), and the single quickest way to change the whole look and feel of your room in just one step. Your light sets the tone for your room, and can express your personality like no other piece of furniture or decoration can.

Lights are available in a wide variety of styles and materials - you've got plated (shiny) or painted metal light bars; plated, painted or glass shades; and 100s of combinations of the two. Traditional styles, contemporary styles, tons of colors - and that's just what we offer. All of the billiard lights we carry are from a company called HJ Scott. HJ Scott is a big name in billiards furniture and makes two main types of lights: interchangeable lights with parts that can be swapped out in an instant, and lights that look like elaborate wrought iron pieces.


Interchangeable lighting

Their most popular lights are the interchangeable ones. Available in three and four-shade lengths with many different color and style options to choose from, these lights are made fit any table length from 7' to 10' perfectly and can completely change the look of your room just by switching something as simple as the light shade.



In bars, five different finishes are offered: plated chrome, brass or gunmetal; painted matte black; or autumn rustic with a special 3-step finish that looks different depending upon which color table and cloth it's paired with.



In shades, there are 12 different finishes to choose from: plated chrome, brass or gunmetal; painted matte black, burgundy, blue or green; 3-step finish autumn rustic; and alabaster, white frosted, frosted amber, or bronze-glazed scavo glass.

Each billiard light comes with double-hook plates that have two 7-foot chains for easy installation (enough length for even a 12' ceiling). The plates affix to the ceiling for a nice and finished look and  ensure that your light will stay put for years to come. 



The correct way to hang a pool table light is a matter of opinion. There are unknowns to take in to account so we'll give you the basics. The main goal is to adequately light the entire surface of your table including the top of the rails and also allow enough room to shoot and maneuver under the light. 

When hanging your light, you want to make sure to center it over your table - both length and width-wise - to minimize shadows thrown on the balls. With most fixtures the distance from the bottom of the lamp shade will be 36 to 42 inches above the playing surface (or 65 inches off of the floor) to avoid collisions with your pool cue or head. The length and width of your fixture and pool table will need to be taken into consideration. It helps to have a second person give you feedback on the effectiveness of the light while you raise and lower the light. The 7 feet of chain is more than enough length for 12' ceilings. If your ceilings are lower, you will have plenty of room to adjust the light just to your liking. 

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