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Cue & Case Sales' Exclusive 3-Part Money Back Guarantee


  1. Whenever you deal with Cue & Case Sales, you get a BIG advantage you’ll never get from any factory or from any other distributor. It’s our Unlimited sales Guarantee. It works like this: If you can’t sell a cue that you bought from us,simply let us know and we’ll have U.P.S. pick it up at no cost to you,and we’ll give you full credit or a refund.No questions and no hassles.(Only unchalked,unused cues may be returned under this guarantee.)

  2. Every cue you buy from us 100% guaranteed to remain straight for one full year while on display in your show-room. If it wraps we’ll replace it free. (Again, only unchalked, unused cues may be returned under this guarantee.)

  3. Virtually every product we offer is also protected with a one-year,100% gurantee against defects in parts or works-manship-including cues that are used every single day! (Exceptions are noted on the price list.)


If you wish to return an item, please call 1-800-835-7665, give us your purchase invoice number, and we’ll immediately authorize your return.


2007 Pricing and Sales Policy

Cue & Case works hard to provide our dealers with products that create value through looks,quality and pricing so that discounting is not needed.To project our dealers and their well being we will enforce our minimun advertised pricing policy. We will also enforce the proper branding of our product. 


Minimum Advertised Price
All Authorised dealers must display our suggested retail price(MSRP) on all Cue & Case products featured in any advertising. This includes catalogs,print media, as well as any and all internet listings,including  auctions. The minimum advertised price list on our price sheet is the maximum allowable advertised discount to the end user. This number is set at 20% off of MSRP. 


Advertising by Proper Brand Policy
All Cue and case products must be advertised with the appropriate product brand. This ensures the value of the brands. Example of incorrect branding would be advertising a Players cue made by Lucasi. This practice is not allowed. 


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As you can see,Cue & Case Sales will help you boost your profits, please your customers,and solve your business problems.And with our sales gurantee, you can stock your store at no risk to you!


Risk Free Ordering & Fast Service

Overnight, 2nd, and 3rd Day Service is available. (Orders are shipped FOB St. Augustine, FL.) Initial Orders are shipped C.O.D for cash or money order. Or you may pay by Visa, MasterCard, Or Discover. Upon approal, company checks are accepted for subsequent orders. Cue & Case Sales sells to dealers only. New dealers: We require a copy of your business license, tax resale number, and proof of your yellow pages ad. 



TOLL-FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-835-7665 OR FAX US AT 1-900-824-8233