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Kicking Your Game Room Up a Notch

Completing your game room with the perfect pool table accessories will step your game room up to the next level. 


Your friends and family will be jealous with envy of your "man cave" or "gentleman's billiard room" when you add the perfect spectator chair, billiard light, pool cues, and other billiard accessories. Whether you just got a brand new Triumph, Minnesota Fats, Mizerak, or even a used "new to you" pool table; Cue & Case has what you need. We have over 1500 billiard supply items to outfit your game room. That is the beauty of the web. Instant access to a huge selection at the lowest prices possible.  

Game Room Seating

Every pool room needs some type of seating for the players to enjoy while they watch their opponent. There are individual spectator chairs, benches, triple benches, and spectator chairs with trays. If you have an extra 5 feet above the recommended room size then a pub table and bar stools make for comfortable seating. Having a place for snacks and drinks makes playing pool more enjoyable for everyone. The top of the line game room furniture makers are Darafeev and California House. They make spectator chairs for celebrities like Goldie Hawn, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Dale Earnhardt Jr to name a few. We carry HJScott, which is a high quality value priced gameroom furniture line. The HJScott Cushion Back Spectator chair is half the price of a comparable Darafeev billiards chair and sells for $280.99.

Cue Racks

A great game room has a place for all the fun accessories. A functional cue rack can keep the tip tools, chalk, cone chalk, brushes, and cue sticks in a nice and tidy place. The floor cue racks can be placed on the floor against the wall or a corner. Wall cue racks are made in many different sizes to fit in between windows and doors in your game room. On the better designed cue racks you will find a place for your drinks, storage for your tip tools, balls, triangles, chalk, and brushes. Covering the back of a wall cue rack with a decorative cloth or billiard felt is often done in designer game rooms.

Billiard Balls

Usually when you purchase a pool table, a set of economy billiard balls will come with that table as a gift. You should upgrade your billiard ball set to Aramith brand balls as soon as possible. Aramith is the leading manufacturer of quality, tournament approved, regulation billiard balls. Aramith balls are made out of phenolic resins giving them superb hardness, balance and rolling power. Cue & Case carries several Aramith billiard ball sets. You can get a basic Aramith Crown Standard Billiard Ball set for MSRP $116.99, but I recommend buying any of the Aramith Super Pro Billiard Ball sets. The most popular set is the Aramith Super Pro Value set for MSRP $363.99 because it includes the famous "measled" red dot cue ball and ball cleaner.


Pro Series also has the Royal Crown Pro Set and the new Speed Luster Pro Premium set. Produced to the most exacting tolerances, meeting all professional quality benchmarks for size, roundness, density, balance, weight, color, and hardness. Pro Series balls are weighed and calipered five separate times during the manufacturing process to guarantee maximum spherical consistency. The payoff to this level of attention is a perfectly true roll and accurate playing ball. These sets also come with a lifetime warranty for at home use against chipping or cracking!


There are also several novelty sets available. Pro Series makes a Kandy Pearlized billiard ball set for $63.99 and Elephant Balls made marbleized billiard ball sets very popular during the past decade by sponsoring nationally televised nine ball tournaments. There are a lot of imitations of the Elephant Ball sets on the web like this one for $65.99.

Game Room Lighting

Lighting completes a room. You need a quality light over your pool table to prevent shadows from throwing your game off.  The right lighting also sets the tone for your billiard room. A light with your favorite sports team, a beautiful stained glass, or a classic bar light will speak volumes about your personality. The light should hang about 65 inches from the floor to the bottom of the shade. Adjust the height of the billiard light for your view of the table and the shadows thrown on the billiard balls.

Don't Forget the Finishing Touches

Finally, place art work, posters, clocks, antique signs, sports memorabilia or metal sculptures on your game room walls to show off your style. Pick one or two signature pieces and make them shine. Or you could do the TGIF approach and make a mural out of your pieces like they do in the interior of the restaurant. To really kick it up that last notch, add a bar, popcorn machine, slot machine, video game or pinball. They will add that wow factor!

You will have created a space that you will enjoy for many years to come with your family and friends.