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Choosing the Right Pool Table Cloth
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Choosing the Right Pool Table Cloth


What to Look for In Buying Cloth

You want a cloth that is suitably durable for your needs. One indicator of cloth durability is the weight (in ounces) per yard of fabric. Ideally, you are looking for a minimum weight of 19 ounces per yard.


Worsted vs. Napped Cloth

There is definitely a difference in the roll and speed of a pool ball between worsted and napped billiard cloths. Worsted cloth is finished in a way that ensures all fibers are of the same size. This finishing process produces a smoother and more precise fabric than that of napped, giving you faster ball speed and increased accuracy. Worsted cloth also does not have the same problem with "pilling" or "fuzzies" as napped cloth, as there is no nap to the fabric.



What Type Of Cloth Is Best For You?


Home Tables

If you are a casual player with a home table, there is no need to shell out the cash for tournament-grade cloth. A solid brand with great speed and performance is Championship Ultra.


Tournament Tables

To stock your room with tournament-quality tables, Mercury Ultra cloth is the way to go. For the ultimate, check out Champions' 24-ounce worsted wool Tour Edition cloth. 


Coin-Op Tables

The most popular brand of cloth among coin-operated table owners is Championship Invitational. 


Worried About Spills or Stains?

Then go with either a worsted cloth, which naturally repels spills, or a cloth with Teflon added. Valley Teflon Ultra


Tired of Pills?

Try a high resistance worsted cloth like Simonis 860HR or Tour Edition 3030.